SECURE CONTROLS, LLC was founded in 2010 out of a desire to provide a new kind of systems integrator, one who believes that ICS security is important... so important that security should be part of the foundation of as many control systems that they can reach! Located in Kent, Washington - Secure Controls has provided various control systems services to several industries over the years.


Our mission is to provide excellence in control systems engineering as well as increase the level of security in control systems around the Puget Sound.

We strive to build security into every project and educate our clients of vulnerabilities that might be present within their systems and provide solutions for reducing security risk.


Here at SECURE CONTROLS, LLC we value honesty, integrity, and relationships.

We are friendly, relaxed and we listen to ensure that we understand your needs. We focus on ensuring that your needs are met in an agreed timeframe.

We are passionate about process controls and enjoy creating solutions for new and existing systems including automation system retrofits or upgrades, industrial process troubleshooting and repair, as well as securing your control systems from cyber threat.

We ensure that our service is of the highest quality and that you are completely satisfied with all workmanship.

We are confident in our solutions and guarantee our control systems service.


SECURE CONTROLS, LLC is an industrial control systems service and consulting company.

We provide solutions to clients that have a need for systems integration, software/SCADA design, PLC and HMI programming, instrumentation, OT networking and telemetry, and industrial control system (ICS) security consultation.

We enjoy providing solutions to challenges including modifications to existing process equipment, automation system retrofits/upgrades, industrial process troubleshooting and repair, securing your control systems from cyber threats, or simply helping your IT and engineering staff find common ground.

Why "Secure Process Automation"?

Our catchphrase "Secure Process Automation" means that we keep a focus on security while implementing controls and automation systems solutions. Keeping this focus allows us to "bake in" security into automation systems instead of bolting it on as an after thought.

Our Perfect Client

We are a business to business company. Our clients are in various industries that have medium to large processes that require automation to control their equipment and processes.

Feel free to ask our clients abut us and you will find that they are very satisfied and consider SECURE CONTROLS, LLC the only systems integrator they need or want.


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About our founder Dan Carlsen

I started my career in the industrial controls field in 1995. Since then I have been responsible for the design, commissioning, consultation, and overall project/program management of hundreds of industrial control and SCADA system projects. I am passionate about control systems of all shapes and sizes. I value integrity and strong ethics and I expect that you value the same.

My experience as an engineer and manager has allowed me to provide a diverse mix of quality services in multiple industries and the opportunity to get to know and work alongside excellent people and companies on cutting edge projects including the following:

  • E-commerce alternate delivery location
  • Critical infrastructure protection & SCADA security
  • Energy management systems
  • Water/Wastewater systems
  • Food and beverage process controls
  • Transportation systems and security
  • Nuclear cyber security compliance and material handling
  • Industrial machinery controls

Certified Information System Security ProfessionalCertified SCADA Security Architect