Now offering the following services:

  • Control system design
  • SCADA software development
  • SCADA system design
  • PLC programming and design
  • SCADA security planning and implementation
  • Control system vulnerability assessments
  • System upgrades
  • Network architecture development
  • System troubleshooting and repair

Industries that we serve

Water Wastewater Industrial Food & Beverage

- Water -

We are familiar with municipal water and wastewater control systems including distribution, treatment, telemetry, and associated supervisory systems.

Distribution - Monitoring of RTU's, Control of well pumps, monitoring reservoir levels, controlling zone pressure with remote booster stations or pressure reducing valves, and interties with other water sources.

Treatment - Water treatment including filtration, chemical controls, system monitoring, and operator verification and security systems.

Telemetry - leased line, Ethernet, fiber optic, radio modem, licensed and unlicensed radios, site surveys and commissioning, design and programming of remote terminal units (RTU's), SCADA systems, network planning.

- Wastewater -

Our employees are very familiar with municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, transportation, telemetry, and associated supervisory control systems.

Treatment - Wastewater treatment plant controls, sludge controls, sanitization, aeration, digesters, UV control, monitoring, alarming and annunciation, operator verification and security systems

Transportation - Pump stations, wet wells, remote monitoring

Telemetry - Telemetry systems in wastewater systems use the same methods as are used in water systems. There may be additional communications inside a treatment plant such as wireless Ethernet, spread spectrum radios, or wired systems.

- Industrial -

Familiar with factory automation and machine controls. Interfacing with MES and ERP systems, database interface, historical data and trending, operator verification and safety, machine monitoring, process tracking, batch and processing controls, variable speed drives and motion control, fans and blowers, operator interface, tooling, custom applications.

- Food & Beverage -

Extensive experience with factory automation and machine controls. Interfacing with MES and ERP systems, batch and process controls, temperature and humidity controls, SCADA, VFDs and motion control, CIP (clean in place), mixers, dryers, silos, scales, conveyors, material tracking, historical data and trending, operator verification and safety.