Project showcase


- Cod Line - Dutch Harbor -

UniSea Cod Line

Provide programming and commissioning services to automate the conveyance of cod to various specialty process machinery throughout the facility. This project consisted of 96 drives and 12 PLCs with associated HMIs to allow operators to easily operate each product line.

Washington State Department of Transportation

- I90 Tunnels SCADA upgrade -


Programmed complete SCADA system including over 45 PLCs in this large upgrade project. Developed SCADA architecture based on VMware infrastructure aand developed interface for operations and maintenance teams to monitor and control fire and life safety systems, ventilation lighting,and electrical controls.

This project required integration with Fire detection an suppression, telephony, video monitoring, and electrcal systems. Many aspects of this control system and network architecture include many redundancies to ensure high availability and made vast improvements over previous control system.

Carlyon Beach HOA

- Ongoing Support -

Control  Panel 1

Long time controls support for multiple projects including Dissolved Oxygen upgrade which automated the DO process by modulating new Variable Frequency Drives to maintain consistancy. Other projects include HMI replacement, regular effluent flowmeter calibration, and other projects as needed.

Washington State Department of Agriculture

- PLC Integrity Verification -


Routinely verify PLC code integrity to ensure that no tampering has occured and only authorized modifications have been made to verified PLC logic.


- ICS Security Training System -

Designed and built a mobile training system that consisted of a Human Machine Interface (HMI) on a dedicated virtual machine which communicated to a PLC over Modbus to control a stepper motor. This system was used as a training tool to demonstrate security vulnerabilities in a SCADA system.