Now offering the following services:

Control systems service, support, and maintenance

Control system design and implementation

SCADA and control system security

PLC and SCADA system programming

System troubleshooting and repair


Service, Support, and Maintenance

Imagine peace of mind that your control systems are secure and being cared for by good hands.

Are you looking for a solution to add industrial control systems expertise to your maintenance team?

If you do not have the need or budget for a full time control systems team, be assured that your industrial control and SCADA systems continue to operate smoothly without the costs associated?with additional personnel or training.

Plan Detail Health Check Plan Lifecycle Plan Complete Care Plan
Software Maintenance
Maintain backups of software or configurations X X X
Configuration management - report X X X
Patching/updates of customer owned software   X X
Review error logs and provide findings report   X X
Environment Sandboxing     X
Virtual Machine Maintenance     X
Hardware Maintenance
Physical inspection of IO devices X X X
Physical inspection of control devices X X X
Comprehensive system health tracking   X X
Minor cleaning of sensors   X X
Component repair/replacement     X
Calibration of sensors     X
Discounted Engineering rate 5% 5% 10%
Phone support Free Free Free
Standard 24-hour response Sized to fit Sized to fit Sized to fit
Emergency 4-hour response   Sized to fit Sized to fit
Maintenance visit per year 1 2 4
Security Services
One Time Vulnerability assessment X X X
Advisories and risk information for customer owned devices   X X
Training (annual)     X
Security Program development     X